Since 2006, researchers from the Centre for Autonomous Systems at the University of Technology, Sydney and the Roads and Maritime Services NSW have been collaborating on the research and development of a semi-autonomous grit-blasting system for steel bridge maintenance and rehabilitation.

The result of this cutting edge research and development is the world’s first semi-autonomous grit-blasting robot, capable of operating in challenging environments and without prior knowledge of the structure that needs blasting. The project was so successful, that SABRE Autonomous Solutions developed the technology for the broader abrasive blasting industry in Australia and overseas.


SABRE Autonomous Solutions is delighted to be working with some outstanding partners, helping us to develop products and services that represent the future of blasting.

Sabre Partners

Burwell has maintained their lead in a competitive market by constantly evolving with technology. Burwell are a shareholder in the ALPHA1 BY SABRE and are our exclusive distributor in Australia, New Zealand and the local Pacific Islands. Through our close partnership we are able to benefit from Burwell’s extensive experience in the abrasive blasting industry, making sure that our products meet the needs of our customers.

Sabre Partners

The Centre for Autonomous Systems at the University of Technology, Sydney is a key research centre dedicated to robotics and autonomous systems research.

Sabre Partners

The Roads and Maritime Services New South Wales (RMS) have been involved in the development of the robotic grit-blasting technology in collaboration with UTS for more than 6 years.