Feature Details
Core-System Includes 6 DOF Robot, 3D Vision System, Blast Nozzle Safety Controller, Operator Terminal, Semi-Autonomous Blast Motion Planning Software with Obstacle Avoidance, Robot Blast Covers, Mounting, 30m Cable, Operator Training
Interface Resistive touch screen (works with gloves on)
3D Vision System Structured light infra-red laser (eye safe)
Safety Controller CAT3 Safety System, Redundant Circuits, Customisable
Feature Details
Max Blast Spot Speed 400mm/s
Max Coverage Rate 40m²/hr
Nominal Coverage Width 3m all directions
Minimum Workspace (box girder) 80cm x 80cm
Nozzle (NHP-1 & NHP-2) #7 - 7/16” (11mm) Nozzle with 2” UNC / 50mm Contractor Thread
6 DOF Arm 25 kg
Safety Control Unit 27.5 kg
Operator Control Unit 11.4 kg
Power 24V DC 20A peak (Includes mains adaptor)
Environmental IP56
Rated Payload 150N Thrust
Mounting Quick-release frame Custom mounts, rails etc available