Let’s face it, it’s not every day you buy a Robot! In fact the ALPHA1 is not just any Robot but a world first, revolutionary, semi-autonomous grit blasting robot. And whilst this technology is amazing and guaranteed to change the way you take on your next project by removing operators from harmful blast environments and increasing productivity there is no escaping the fact you will need some support in the early stages.

That’s why the team at SABRE are here to help. Equipped with decades of technical knowledge and collaborative research, SABRE are always available to answer your questions.

Sabre Autonomous Solutions


Based on your company’s individual needs and project requirements we can tailor a training program to suit. From basic every day robot operation right up to in depth system trouble shooting and project commissioning, SABRE has a training package to suit.

Sabre Training

High level support functionality designed for remote deployments, mission critical projects and organisations with a large fleet of robots who may benefit from having specialist support staff

Diagnosis and replacement of all system components

Training in the ALPHA1 BY SABRE Commissioning system: users can create their own complicated job task files without the ALPHA1 BY SABRE

Sabre Training

Intermediate level diagnostics

Diagnosis and maintenance of key internal components of the Safety Control Unit, Operator Control Terminal, Robot Control Unit, Looms

It is required that individuals have a familiarity with industrial electronics, AC and DC circuits and all relevant mandatory certifications

Sabre Training

Training for daily operators

Site setup / pack up training

Consumables replacement, installation
and basic maintenance

Trouble shooting using the on-screen help,
manual and over the phone

ALPHA1 BY SABRE remote log in for diagnostics facility