We are your autonomous experts

We have helped global organisations develop and plan autonomous system integration. Our system requires no robotics experience, we will guide you through each step.

Every project has it’s own unique challenges, that’s why we built a flexible and easily customisable robot. Our experienced engineering team can provide a wide variety of solutions, accessories and equipment for your project.

  • Customisable robotic arm size, number of axis and shape
  • Nozzle and abrasive selection
  • Paint, Metal Spray and other automation requests
  • Mounting, rails, and robotic work positioning
  • Blasting equipment specification and supply
Mounting and positioning the robot

Unlike factory environments where automated machines are precisely installed once off, in-field applications require frequent transport and install in difficult to access areas. Set-up time is critical, and precision may be difficult to achieve.

We are experienced at developing mounting solutions for the harsh abrasive environment. From light-weight mobile frames, modular single-axis rails, through to fully automated multi-axis positioning systems. Our software will autonomously program all robot motion.

Our unique software autonomously determines ideal positioning of the robot to maximise blasting coverage and efficiency.




Our advanced commissioning environment allows detailed yet quick to set-up simulation of robot performance in any environment. Our applications team will work with you to create detailed simulation videos and presentations to accompany your tender application, client meetings and assist with project management.


Improving safety within hazardous environments is our main objective. We are experienced at developing and integrating safety rated control systems. Unlike fixed installations, our systems are constantly changing location. Risk assessment, safety management plans and evaluation and appropriate hardware selection will be provided by our team.