Petrochemical Tanks


Petrochemical and storage tank autonomous blasting robots

Eliminate safety hazards associated with blasters working within the confined space of petrochemical tanks using the SABRE Autonomous Solutions autonomous blasting robot.

The job can be completed faster, reducing shut-down time and cost. Multiple robots can be controlled by a single operator further increasing labour savings and reducing completion time.


Petrochemical tanks, large or small, form a critical link in the supply chain.
The failure of a tank can have several undesirable effects such as endangering personnel, affecting the environment and interrupting the operator’s business and supply.
Surface preparation of the steel is vital for reliable paint performance.
Whether constructing a new tank, performing a conversion, or planned maintenance, the SABRE Autonomous Blasting Robot is ideally suited.

Modern refineries and tank farms expect the highest levels of quality and safety. Confined space safety requirements, ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP) risk reduction initiatives, appropriate ventilation and worker fatigue from the high heat increase the cost of the vital blasting and painting process.

The SABRE mobile abrasive-blasting robot provides a new opportunity to:

  • Eliminate safety hazards associated with confined spaces, dust, heights and fatigue
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Improve the quality and repeatability of surface preparation
  • Mitigate against skilled labour shortages
  • Reduce maintenance down time

Unlike existing automated blast cleaning technologies which are limited to relatively flat areas, the SABRE system intelligently maps the work environment using a 3D scanner. This enables the system to use it’s articulated arm to blast complicated shapes, including structural elements such as I beams, girders, columns, weld lines, rivets and bolts, while avoiding areas that should not be blasted.

Internal Roof Automation

Blasting areas above the workers head is physically fatiguing. Combined with working at heights from an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) such as a boom or scissor lift, or scaffolding, productivity decreases.

The SABRE system can easily be mounted to an EWP or lightweight rail system for easy install via a standard door sheet, or lowered via manhole.

Ultra-light weight yet strong—the robot weighs 25kg but handles a blasting reaction force of 15kg.

Coverage of up to 20 square meters per hour when blasting complicated, intricate areas and above head.

Fixed roof Jet Fuel tanks, and other tanks requiring roof blasting can now be safely blasted without an operator within the tank.


SABRE Robot blasting petrochemical tank internal roof



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