The SABRE system is the new best practice safety solution for eliminating potential worker hazards, increasing productivity, reducing shut-down time, all delivering valuable savings. Ideal for confined space or other scenarios where a worker is surrounded by surfaces requiring blast cleaning such as

  • Ballast tanks
  • Double hull internal
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • On-board pressure vessels
  • Or other confined spaces

The robot tirelessly handles the high pressure blast cleaning gun. It can reach out and blast at angles that human operators would find awkward or fatiguing. Unlike existing automated blast cleaning systems which are limited to relatively flat areas, the SABRE system can blast the most complicated of shapes, structural elements and support structures such as weld lines, rivets and bolts. It can even avoid areas that should not be blasted.

The robot can be deployed in cross-sectional areas as small as a 0.8m x 0.8m with various mounting approaches including rails.

The robot will fit through the smallest of manholes, and at only 25kg is light weight enough to be carried in without extra rigging equipment.

Suitable with a wide range of abrasive blasting media and technologies, the robotic arm can be reconfigured to suit any application.

The robot that programs its self – It uses an innovated autonomous planning
system developed over six years. Unlike traditional industrial robots, the operator does
no plan any of the robot motion, it is all done autonomously in real time, with a unique
path each and every time.

Reduce the safety risk and discomfort of your blast workers with an easy to use autonomous solution.

Bulk Goods and Cargo Holds

Ballast Tank & Hull



Double hulls & Ballast tanks. From portable frame mounting to single and double axis portable rail systems.


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