The autonomous grit-blasting robot was originally developed for the challenging application of maintenance and rehabilitation of steel bridges.  Bridges present particular challenges for the grit-blasting process, not only due to the huge scale of the project, but because of the complexity of the structures and the difficulties in gaining access.

The SABRE autonomous abrasive-blasting robot has been designed specifically to overcome these challenges.  The robot can be quickly disassembled into small, lightweight sections so that it can be transported onto site easily.  Once installed the robot scans each section to be blasted, builds it’s own 3D map of the bridge structure, then gets on with the job of blasting – all with the operator at a safe distance from the hazardous blasting area.

The grit-blasting robots have been extensively tested on the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, and two robots are now permanently based at the Sydney Harbour Bridge maintenance site.

A completed section of the Sydney Harbour Bridge road deck using the SABRE robot.

A completed section of the Sydney Harbour Bridge road deck using the SABRE robot.

Below Road Deck

Blast workers face back pain and injury performing the often repetetive task of bridge deck blasting. Our six-axis robotic arm can handle intricate and complicated areas where previously manual blasting was the only option.

Girders, Webbing & Wind Bracing. The robot will autonomously plan a collision free path while delivering a quality finish.

Major Structure

See the robot in action

Here’s a video of the world’s first autonomous grit blasting robot in action on the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

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