Mobile Blasting Robot

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With the brief to “blast anything anywhere”, SABRE have developed the next generation of autonomous grit-blasting robot.  The Mobile Blasting Robot is being designed with flexibility and return on investment in mind.  Some of the key features include:

tick_16Small enough to fit into the back of a pickup-truck or small van

tick_16Narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway

tick_16Robot weighs less than 25kg (48lbs)! The total system weights less than 65kg (153lbs) – It can easily be separated into sections weighing under 25kg for safe and easy lifting.

tick_16Simple to operate via the Operator Control Unit – no robotics expertise required!

tick_16Adaptable blasting parameters to suit job and site requirements

tick_16Can be fitted to a scissor lift or cherry picker to provide height access

tick_16Online blast quality monitoring

tick_16Multi-robot collaboration – even more productivity gains by having multiple robots working together with only one operator

Above video: Autonomous blasting of a complicated confined space over a 1 hour period. Speed x8.

First, multiple 3D images are taken of the environment before the system blasts to a Class 3 finish across different levels of rusted steel.

Blasting at 110psi with #7 nozzle NHP2