• The Future of Blasting

    The Future of Blasting

    Sabre combines cutting edge robotics technology with well proven blasting techniques to bring you the ultimate abrasive blasting technology – the ALPHA1 Autonomous Blasting Robot.

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  • Cleaning an icon

    Cleaning an icon

    Our award winning technology was used to help remove the original lead paint off Australia’s most famous icon – The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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ALPHA1 - The Blasting Robot with Endless Applications

A six degree of freedom (6DOF) robotic arm equipped with a 3D sensor can autonomously scan, map and then blast complicated environments.

It has been designed with ease of installation in mind; the whole system can be disassembled in a matter of minutes into sections that weigh less than 25 kg and is small enough to install into areas with restricted access.

The ALPHA1 is designed to be used on construction sites by blasters and painters. No prior robotics experience is required.

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Award winning technology

Award Winning Technology

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The future of blasting

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