• Cleaning an icon

    Cleaning an icon

    Our award winning technology was used to help remove the original lead paint off Australia’s most famous icon – The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • The Future of Blasting

    The Future of Blasting

    The Sabre autonomous grit-blasting robots combine cutting edge robotics technology with well proven blasting techniques to bring you the ultimate abrasive blasting technology.

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  • SABRE Engineered Solutions

    SABRE Engineered Solutions

    The expertise to develop the solution you need

Welcome to SABRE Autonomous Solutions – the future of blasting

Now taking international inquiries

Autonomous Robotic Surface Preparation Equipment

SABRE Autonomous Solutions specialise in developing autonomous robotic solutions for harsh working environments. Our flagship product, the Autonomous Abrasive-Blaster, is a revolutionary way of abrasive-blasting - please explore our website to find out more.

  • Corrosion and coatings removal
  • Lead and hazardous substance removal
  • Confined space work
  • Paint, Metal Spray and other automation requests
  • Blasting equipment specification and supply

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Award winning technology

Award Winning Technology

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The future of blasting

- SABRE Autonomous Solutions

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